What is Erectile Dysfunction and How Can Eroxel Help?

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What does erectile dysfunction mean to doctors? How many men experience erection difficulties? How do we even talk about erectile dysfunction?

Definition and Frequency of Erectile Malfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to a medical term that describes a condition known as pathological erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes also known as impotence or potency disorder. These terms are not used by medical professionals because they carry a negative connotation. Impotentia coeundi is another technical term that refers to erectile dysfunction.

The Latin words for impotentia (inability) and coeundi (comming together) are the origins of this term. Coeundi is also responsible for the term coitus, which refers to an intimate sexual act.

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Secondary and primary Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined by the European Association of Urology as an inability to achieve and maintain a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. satisfaction in sexual intercourse.

A bit more specific is the definition of German Society of Urology. The definition of erectile dysfunction is a chronic condition that lasts at least six months and in which at least 70% of attempts to have sexual intercourse fail.

Two types of erectile dysfunction are distinguished by medical professionals:

Primary erectile dysfunction refers to the inability or inability to erection sufficiently firm or long after birth or sexual maturity. erections. Men with primary erectile dysfunction do not usually experience any stiffening of the penis without assistance.

Secondary erectile disorder is a generic term that describes persistent erectile problems that occur after sexual maturity. These men had previously been able to have a satisfying erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Frequency

Persistent erectile problems are more common than men realize. Numerous studies have shown that around 20% of men experience erectile dysfunction.

As we age, the proportion of erectile dysfunction sufferers increases sharply. Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in Switzerland. It has been estimated that around 300,000 men suffer from it. Experts estimate that at least 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction worldwide. This number is increasing.

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